My First Post

This is the first Wombat Man entry. I started writing this blog because I wanted to give the good citizens of Slothum City a chance to see inside the world of a superhero. Their superhero. For I am a servant of the city. Well, today started as a typical day. My first order of business is a robust breakfast of cereal which could be anything from Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, or, if I’m feeling saucy, Count Chocula. Side note, while I do think a vampire is a poor choice of a role model for children, I cannot deny a big bowl of chocolate is a great way to get your morning energy. Anyway, after breakfast, I put in a few hours in the Wombat Gym which is located in my secret home base The Burrow. After a rousing 45 minutes on the Wombat Stairmaster (where I was able to catch up on important world events through shows such as Gotham, Arrow or Agent Carter), I hit the streets in the Wombatmobile to patrol the city.  While normally by noon I have already apprehended a score of unsavory ne’er-do-wells, today the Wombatmobile decided to have problems with the air intake valve and I spent most of his day waiting for road side assistance. I have to give a wag of the finger to AAA whose tow truck driver refused to aide a stranded motorist simply because his membership had lapsed. I mean come on, when you are the savior of a whole entire city, you can’t be expected to keep up on such trivial matters! Needless to say, my daily quota for capturing villains was drastically reduced.

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