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Me at City Hall
Me at City Hall

I am a native to Slothum City.  I enjoyed an idyllic childhood until I was eight when my parents were tragically electrocuted by the combination of lightening and a faulty electric blanket.  Afterwards, my family’s home was torn down and the land sold (today the property is home to an Olive Garden – don’t get me started on those jerks).  I received a huge payout from General Electric and took over stately Whine Manor.  (The Whines having abandoned the estate claiming Slothum City was too dangerous and filled with evil villains).  One day when I was 12, I fell into a deep cavernous hole on the grounds where I was trapped for a number of days, my shouts falling deaf upon the empty countryside.  Inside this hole I was met with the penetrating glowing red eyes of a fierce and vicious wombat!  Although later I learned that wombats are not native to Slothum City, nor North America, actually, and that this was just a really well-fed rat, but the impression had already been made.  I sewed my Wombat Man guise from an old faux fur coat I found in Lady Whine’s wardrobe and set out to strike fear into the hearts of those who wished to do harm to my beloved city!

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Wombatman!

    I may have information regarding a dead-drop from the nefarious Trixster Rabbit. Potentially taking place at the legendary (wom)BATCAVE in Bronson Canyon.

    Have you heard anything about this?

    1. Not the (wom)BATCAVE! Have you been there? Did you find anything from Trix? I hear that rabbit is trying to recruit new henchmen.

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